Web Scrape Anything with JavaScript

A project-based course that gives you the tools to crawl, scrape, and model any data on the internet
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We'll build 6 real world projects

No fake, boring apps

Job board Scraper

We scrape a real job board, filtering and repurposing the data 

Twitter Quote Bot

We'll create an automated bot that tweets custom quotes every day

Google Trend Aggregator

We will identify, scrape, and organize trending topics on the internet

Stock Price Scraper

We'll make scraping stock prices incredibly simple, and deploy this code to run every day

Reddit Crawler

We'll navigate Reddit -- clicking, scrolling, and scraping comments

Instagram Crawler

We'll practice logging into apps and cover advanced crawling in our final 3-part project

Technologies We'll Use


JavaScript + Node JS

Node JS is the back end version of JavaScript. If you're not familiar with it, we'll set it up together.

Twitter + Github Jobs API

Getting familiar with these two APIs allows you to build a ton of cool stuff. That's exactly what we'll do.

Google Sheets API

Our database for the course. Good to know, easy to set up, simple to swap out for any database you want.

Cheerio JS

A popular, low overhead parsing library that helps us extract data from web pages

Puppeteer + Chromium

Web scraping at full power. With these tools we can log into sites, click, scroll, execute JavaScript and more.

Cloud Functions + Scheduler

Many scrapers are useless unless you deploy them. So we'll deploy 3 different project with cloud functions

And more

"Your course was amazing and very well explained. Just coded a scraping bot to help me buy an apartment with what I learned."


"I really had no idea what web scraping could do, but now I think it's what I was missing to build quality projects for my portfolio."


"I was a fan of your scraping videos on YouTube... these videos were even better! Exactly what I was looking for."


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